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What is WOSonOS - WOSonOS 2012

World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) Conferences are gatherings of Open Space Technology practitioners, who come together to share their wisdom and experience around group practice and self organisation.

WOSonOS is held once a year, each time in a different country in the world. 2012 will be the event’s 20th anniversary and the first time it will have taken place in the UK.

The international Open Space community is an inspiring group of diverse practitioners working in an incredible range of fields, including relief and response work, software development, interdisciplinary thinking, peace work, cross cultural understanding, the arts and sciences.

This event is a great opportunity to share passions and learn more about Open Space, by doing Open Space, and connecting to a worldwide wealth of experience in this method of working and collaborating.

Please note WOSonOS is not a training, so if you are new to Open Space, whilst you are very welcome to attend, we recommend you participate in the Open Space Learning Workshop with Lisa Heft from 9th to 11th October, directly before the WOSonOS event. 


WOSonOS events date back to the early 1990’s, when they were initiated and hosted by the OST creator Harrison Owen, outside Washington DC. As the 90’s progressed, WOSonOS became nomadic, moving to Toronto, Monterrey & Chicago.

Since 2000, WOSonOS has been an international event. It has visited the following cities and countries: Berlin, (Germany) Vancouver (Canada), Marysville (Australia), Sweden / Denmark, Goa (India), Halifax Nova Scotia, Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), San Francisco (USA), Taiwan & Chile.

The Open Space community continues to flourish and share its wisdom. We’re looking forward to seeing you in London, UK, for what should prove to be a very special 20th Anniversary.